Mobile App Design to Improve Efficiency of the Trip Planning Process

TRIPin: An app that makes planning easier for the modern traveler


Design and prototype a mobile trip planning tool, optimized to use on the go in order to adapt to today's traveler's needs.
ROLE: UX Designer



I developed my target user persona for TRIPin to help me understand the core user's needs when developing features and the workflow.
Quick Stats:
Age: 28
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: Front-end developer
Income: $100,000

Lana is a front-end developer at a tech start-up and is so excited to take the many vacations she’s always wanted to take now that she’s (finally) financially stable. Lana loves to hike, read and spend time with friends in her free time, so while she does love to plan for her trips, she doesn’t always have a lot of spare time to do so. Many of her trips are planned around recommendations she receives from friends and acquaintances when she’s on the go. Lana often walks or takes the bus to work since it’s close to her apartment and she doesn’t like to have to drive around to find parking. Like many millennials, she values her time and tries to take advantage of every moment she has by multitasking.
“When I travel, I want to experience each city and culture to its fullest potential.”


I created a storyboard of a scenario in which Lana would use TRIPin in her daily life. This helped me gain an understanding of how TRIPin would be used and gave me clarity on design choices.


I then created wireframes of the product, laying the foundation for the app. Below is an example interaction showcasing how Lana would set up an account and begin pinning for her trip. During usability testing, I had two key areas for improvement.
Maximize screen real estate, especially when displaying the map

Touch targets needed to be expanded to accommodate all users


Finally, I created a full color, interactive prototype, implementing feedback from usability testing, and showcasing design elements for TRIPin.



My next step for this project would be to assess how travel has changed due to COVID-19 and take these concerns into consideration when continuing to build out this product. For example, what does the traveler need to be mindful of in each city since the pandemic? How has COVID-19 affected the establishment's experience? Is it outdoor only, is it pick-up only?
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